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Carla de la Fuente, Spanish champion of Young Riders 2019

After the celebration in the Equestrian Center of Castilla y León (Segovia) of the 2019 Spanish Junior Dressage Championships, from September 4 to 8, our student, the Segovian horsewoman Carla de la Fuente, hung the gold medal in the category of Young Riders.

The 190 best pairs from all over the national territory participated in the championship in six categories. In the category of young riders in which Carla triumphed, about thirty participants competed.

Over the past five years, the enrollment boom has been enormous. Which suggests the good times that Dressage is experiencing in Classic Spain. After five hectic days of competition, with two simultaneous courts, the big day of the finals arrived and it did not disappoint. The multiple battles to get the coveted golden metal were a spectacular.

In their first participation, on the 6th, Carla and her mare FAY, under the baton of her father and trainer Cesar de la Fuente, started as clear favorites in this category, with marks for all the judges above 70%. to 74.412% of Teresa Fontán, obtaining a final average of 72.176%. In addition, from this first place, Carla got third place with FITO, which closed with a total of 69.941%.

On the 7th, in the second round of the Young Riders they remained identical to the Teams of the first day. Carla de la Fuente again occupied the first and third places with FAY (71,971) and FITO (70,147) respectively. Juan José González de las Cuevas was second with DENKSPORT (71,765).

On the 8th, Juan José González rode DENKSPORT (74,085) with a knife between his teeth and managed to snatch the first place from Carla de la Fuente with FAY (73,735). The third in the Kür was Ona Solà (73,300).

Regarding the medal table, Carla de la Fuente remained in the first place due to the advantage of the two previous tests and the gold was hung.

Carla de la Fuente, campeona de España de Jóvenes Jinetes 2019, junto a Juan José González y Ona Solá.


As reported in the Adelantado de Segovia,Carla de la Fuente maintains her extraordinary progression, which began in 2013 when she won the bronze medal for teams in the Spanish championship in the children's category . And it is that since that year the Segovian has not gotten off the podium in the national championships, adding an individual gold and a team bronze in 2014, already in the youth category, another individual gold and team silver in 2015, three silvers individual in the years 2016, 2017 and 2018, pulled with two team golds, and this individual gold achieved in 2019.


2013 BRONZE children's category teams

2014 youth category 0 stars individual GOLD and BRONZE teams

2015 youth category 0 stars individual GOLD and SILVER teams

2016 Youth category 1 individual SILVER star

2017 youth category 1 star SILVER individual and GOLD by teams

2018 individual SILVER young rider category and team GOLD

2019 individual GOLD young rider category

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