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Updated: Jan 2

The Aequima Equestrian Club offers classes, livery and other services and activities, such as theme parties, dressage competitions, gallop exams, children's camps, riding camps, equestrian shop and horse transport.

Aequima offers you first class support up to the international level in dressage. We teach classic and cowboy dressage, individually or up to 3 students. Working from the beginning, we evaluate progress and learning to obtain each level techniques, skills and aptitudes. We are certificated by Castilla y León Equestrian Federation to examine gallop levels.

We breed Lusitanian Thoroughbred and Hanoverian - Oldenburg horses. Our foals are tamed for different disciplines. The pure Blood Lusitano: magnificent quality, suitable for sport in all disciplines: Dressage, Work Riding, Rejoneo ... And the Hanoverians' great personality and beauty, elasticity and strength, in the highest international dressage competitions.

Please, contact to us for further information.

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